• Openings: “KAWS: WHAT PARTY” @ Brooklyn Museum

    Tonight in New York, the Brooklyn Museum opened KAWS: WHAT PARTY to the public, featuring more than 100 works including drawings, paintings, sculptures, smaller collectibles, furniture, and larger-than-life COMPANION figures. The comprehensive exhibition is surprisingly the Brooklyn-based artist's first major museum survey in New York, touching on the highlights of his 25 year career from his early rarely seen graffiti drawings and notebooks, to examples his now famous...
  • Showing: Emily Mae Smith – “Kin” @ Simone Subal Gallery

    A few weeks ago, Simone Subal Gallery in New York opened a new show from Emily Mae Smith entitled Kin. Much of the American artist's reoccurring motifs can be seen in the new work - the anthropomorphic broom, teeth, references to the female form, the bespectacled face - carefully chosen imagery that has made appearances in her painting practice for the last decade. Underlying all of Smith’s...
  • Openings: José Parlá – “It’s Yours” @ Bronx Museum

    Nobody captures the fabric of the urban environment like José Parlá - the textures, layers, and traces left by city dwellers. It’s Yours (inspired by T La Rock’s song of the same name) is the Cuban-Ameircan artist's first solo museum exhibition in New York City, and well deserved, seeing as he has spent years documenting the walls and surfaces of the boroughs with his abstraction and graffiti-inspired calligraphy....
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