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Continuing a project that has toured Asia starting last year in Korea (covered) which moved on to Taiwan (covered) earlier this year, KAWS will unveiling another large scale inflatable version of his Companion figure in Hong Kong on March 22nd. Fans in Chinese metropolis have been eagerly awaiting his next public project since they were introduced to the Brooklyn-based artist's work back in 2014 with an installation at Harbour City (covered). They will get their chance for more tomorrow at 2:15 pm looking out at Victoria Harbour and the iconic skyline of Hong Kong Island from the Central and Western District Promenade as the 92-foot-long (28 meters) floating HOLIDAY version of his signature character finally arrives (just in time for Art Basel Week Hong Kong). Well have more on the associated merch and show at HOCA soon... Photo credit: @harimaoleeharimaolee, @nk7, and @matfeel (via the artist). Discuss KAWS here.