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Andrew said that I can only have five new years resolutions this year- and that they have to be realistic good ones, not far fetched, dreamy ones like winning the lottery, moving to an island and buying 10 more puppies. Drat.
It’s been a pretty big year for me- my business took off unexpectedly, I was published and this little blog has more than a handful of readers, which still amazes me. There is much to improve on though!

1) Get organized and SIMPLIFY. Starting with my office and moving through the rest of my life- finances, purses, calendar, etc. Get rid of things I don’t use and streamline our house so it’s more efficient. I think life would be easier if things were more in order and there was less “stuff” around! I think Real Simple will be my 2009 bible.

2) Worry less about everything- what others think, expectations, money, my “life plan”, the world, my health, my sanity! Be more present on a daily basis and reap the rewards of focusing on the now and not the later.

3) Commit to my new found yoga practice twice a week. And eventually hold this pose (scorpion) by myself (I can do it with assistance from my teacher, but I fear he’s doing all the heavy lifting!)

4) Write more. I really love writing, and I’ve been doing much less of it since business got busier. I need to take an hour or two a week to work on writing, for myself or freelancing for publications.

5) Work as hard as I possibly can on making my business and this blog the best it can be!

** 6) I just remembered this and had to add it. I want to learn French and FINALLY go to Paris (and perhaps learn the secret to dressing this chic naturally).

What are your resolutions???

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