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Welcome to 2010 everyone! The past year has been an incredible adventure for me both personally and professionally and as I wake up to a new year I am filled with excitement, hope and yes, a bit of anxiety about whats to come.  There are so many changes on the horizon and while I historically have found that to be really scary, I am choosing to try to remain in the moment and trust that everything is happening for a reason!

In looking back at my 2009 resolutions I accomplished a few of them- establishing a consistent yoga practice, working hard, writing more and going to Paris. I did not simplify my life (in fact I think I made it more complicated), get myself organized (made more of a mess) and I still worry WAY too much, but those are resolutions that will probably be roll overs every year for some time! This year I want to continue to work on those things consistently, but mostly I want to focus on using my energy on enjoying the good things in my life- work, the people I care about, my creative ventures and good health.  No resolutions to become a vegetarian, drink more water, learn to speak French, write a novel or get ripped abs. It’s my first attempt to simplify my life- deleting the 32 somewhat petty resolutions I wrote last week and edit my goals down to a quality few things.  I’d love to hear what you have decided to work on this year…?

The wonderful feeling of getting to start anew today gives me free reign to imbibe in my never ending obsession with inspirational quotes. I absolutely love Quotables cards and so I pulled some of my favorites to hopefully inspire you a smidge today (unless you are really hungover and cursing the world right now. In that case the only thing that can inspire you is probably a bacon egg and cheese sandwich and some Pepto)

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I hope you all had a wonderful night and wish you only the best of everything in the new year.  Having you all here reading everyday is the happiest part of what I do. Thank you so much, I am so grateful to get to have this be my “job”!




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