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(our new home under the stairs)

Well, 2012 is starting out with a big change- moving into a new apartment today and tomorrow.  I think it’s a good omen, as I need to make some “life adjustments” for this coming year and perhaps this shift in residence marks a fresh start for some positive changes.  I historically fight against change tooth and nail, full of major worry and stress and armed with a fresh prescription for anti-anxiety medication.  But this year I am trying to embrace change, as it has proven to typically only lead to better things.  While scary at the outset, in hindsight those movements almost always seem to turn out for the best (as Andrew always tells me- perhaps I should start listening?).

2011 was a phenomenally tough and yet triumphant year for me personally and professionally.  There were major leaps and bounds matched closely by  knee scraping tumbles and truly dark moments.  But in both the light and dark I learned a lot about myself, whats important and what I want from this short time I have on earth.  I learned that maybe the goals I set out for my business can and have to change, maybe small is the new big, maybe I want to try other things, maybe it’s time for more  bravery and less worry and for God’s sake, time to STOP COMPARING MYSELF TO OTHERS EVERY DAMN SECOND.  God, I am so bad at that last one. It’s my worst trait, hands down. But the new year isn’t only about negative things and how to change them, it’s also about adding more positives into your life too.  For me it’s going to be more writing, more time outside, more laughing, more down time, more museums, more yoga, more confidence, more deep breaths and more hugs. Sound good? I think so too. :)

Back to my move, I think it’s nice to get to get rid of all the CLUTTER that accumulates in life when you have to pack up your belongings. It helps with making room for those positive things I discussed above.  I have been RUTHLESS in my cleaning and discarding, which has been quite cathartic… and funny, as my though process has been all over the board…

” I want to just burn all my clothes and start over!”

” I haven’t worn this in, well, ever…. but maybe I will want to this year…”

” Oh my GOD, I’ve been looking for this sweater for MONTHS!”

” This jeans are huge. I should save them in case I gain weight!”

” These jeans are so tiny. I should save them in case I get crazy skinny!”

” This tee shirt has to be 10 years old. I am disgusting!”


” I think the dogs are depressed we sold the couch”

” Andrew, do you think the people coming from Craigslist might murder me?”

” Baxter needs his liquid chicken flavored Xanax, he’s freaking out. Bring me some too.”

“I think we should just drink all the wine so we don’t have to move it”

Ahhhhh, the beauty of moving. But hopefully it’s moving, onward, upward and forward.  This year is going to be a big one, I can feel it.

p.s. we’re still tweaking the new blog look, but I hope you like the cleaner, leaner and meaner appearance!!


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