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A new year means a whole new set of home trends. And while some things that became popular in 2014 are now “modern classics” there are others that have run their course. Let’s take a look.


The pattern most overused it 2014 has to be this one.  Everything became covered in chevron- from bathmats to crockpots.  Now, not ALL chevron patterns are “out” (keep reading), but I’d skip on the bold colored, smaller scale printed items.


An example of chevron overkill.

Here’s an example of a chevron that still works – it’s a Quadrille fabric that has an ikat-ish feel and a larger scale.


Aerin Lauder’s Mirasol fabric is another favorite of mine for drapes, the chevron print is REALLY huge and has more of an organic edge to the pattern. _K8B9709


I am very much over seeing signs that say things like “eat” in kitchens.  It kind of makes me crazy.  Time to leave the obvious lettering behind and utilize art and other forms of wall decor instead (in nurseries this type of thing can still work though).


Also posters and prints with clever or popular sayings.   Time to scrap those too.  Again, in nurseries these kinds of prints work great, but in other spaces in your house, try to only use them small scale within a gallery wall.  Focus on paintings, photographs, mirrors and other types of classic wall decor on 2015.



I feel like a skipping record here- in nurseries these still are a great option- especially on ceilings!! But in other spaces, I think it’s time to go back to one color or wallpaper if pattern is desired.


Here’s a good example of where it works- Jenna Lyon’s nursery which STILL looks fresh many years after it was published in Domino.


Leather Pouf Ottomans

I still like these in natural leather here and there (again, they still can work in kids rooms) but I’m over them everywhere.  And plus, have you ever tried to sit on one? Not comfortable.  You certainly will spill your wine if you try to perch on one of these during a cocktail party.  Sticking to the classic x-bench is a better bench- it’s the proper height to actually use as extra seating and looks great in pairs under a console or at the foot of a bed.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 7.00.25 PM


The trend of bohemian decor works in small doses, but when everything is in this style it’s a bit much.  Try mixing in some more modern or traditional items to mix it up and create a unique blend.


And here is a list of things that were kind of over-exposed in 2014 but I still love and use often. Hey, sometimes a trend becomes a modern classic!


Yup, they are everywhere, but I absolutely love the texture they add to the foot of a bed. I have two in my own house and still adore them and use them in my work all the time.



White kitchens will never be “out”- ever. That’s like saying jeans are “out”.  But we’re going to see a lot less all white and a lot more color (navy, grey, black all still going strong) and modern natural wood in kitchens in 2015.


A good example of modern wood cabinetry- very textural and interesting.



Also an incredibly popular look in 2104 (especially the knock-offs) but a complete classic now.  The organic yet graphic pattern and beautiful texture really is a design wonder.  Especially in bedrooms!


Sunburst Mirrors

Remember when everyone said “pashminas” were out? But yet, they really are just a classic cashmere scarf and there is no reason for them to be considered “trendy”?  Well, that’s how I feel about sunburst mirrors- they are classic. There is history behind them and they work so well in so many rooms. I tend to be favoring either super modern versions, or more antique versions these days.



Another super popular choice in 2014, and another example of something that was trendy but not tragically so!  This pattern was modeled off a historic pattern, and therefore has a lasting look.


I mean, look at my guest room! FULL of trends- the rug, the sunburst (which I actually just took down), the wedding blanket…) yet I still love it. :)


Any trends you think need to be left in 2014???


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