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Today I’m 29. I can practically taste 30 from here and it’s wiggin’ me out a bit, I won’t lie. It’s raining, which it does almost every year on my birthday, but I’ll try to not get pissy about that too. 28 was both a really crappy yet really exciting year for me; professionally it completely rocked (in a kinda scary way which quitting your stable job to start something on your own tends to be). So far 29 is starting off on a good foot and will be a big building year for me and my company, I hope.
If you ask my mom, I’ve made such a friggin’ huge deal about my birthday since I consciously knew what it was. Jokes about it being a “national holiday” or my “birthday month” were laughed at by others as I sat in a corner pouting “well, it is a big deal…” Parties were a must, of course. Anyone remember Fudgy the Whale? I believe he attended quite a few of my b-day festivities. Nothing beats ice cream cake with crunchies in the middle….

This year will be quiet, with the hubby and Baxter (who I got last year around my birthday!) I was going to do a big wish list post but I think I’ll skip it this year- seems a little unbecoming of me right now. Rather, I think I’ll take the day off- except for a meeting I have, and of course if I find anything I must share with you- because after all, the best birthday gift* is having a job that you LOVE and that doesn’t feel like work, right?
*That and front row center tickets to Coldplay in Dallas for me and my cousin Annie. That too would be the best. :)


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