3 Years and Counting…


Just a small post to wish my amazing husband a happy third anniversary. Without him, this blog, my company and my sanity would be non-existent (okay, sometimes my sanity still goes missing). He’s been my biggest cheerleader, life coach, personal stand up comedian, therapist, best friend and will someday be a very lucky child’s father (no Mom, I’m not pregnant).

Now, of course, in thinking about our wedding day which was nearly perfect, I still might change a couple things if I had to do it over. Namely, my dress. I so wish Lela Rose’s bridal line was existent back then, because her dresses are A-MA-ZING.
(Honey, you know I had to digress and obsess about this…) :)

(can I renew my vows and wear the above dress? Pleeeaaasssseee??)

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