9 Years.



Nine years ago today it was 90-something degrees,  about 100% humidity with rain on it’s way.  But as I stood in my parent’s kitchen with paper towels stuffed under my armpits to keep me from sweating all over my Monique Lhuillier I felt only happiness about getting to marry Andrew Gates that day.  And sitting here today, nine years later, in bed on Nantucket celebrating our anniversary I feel the same way.

Like all marriages we’ve had our share of challenges- big and small- but one thing stays constant. We NEED each other. Desperately. Without him I’d probably be in a padded room somewhere and without me he’d be pondering another career change, perhaps something “reasonable”, like an astronaut.  One lifts, one grounds; and together we find a balance in our personalities that brings the best out in each of us.

You get a glimpse of what Andrew is like through his posts on here, but really that’s just a tiny sliver of the man he is.  He’s the most positive, loving, trustworthy, funny, smart, sensitive people out there and I am so lucky to be able to experience this journey of life with him. And I am so relieved and thrilled that he will be able to come on my entire book tour with me, a turn of events that makes this whole daunting process so much easier and fun.  I want him around all the time, I miss him when he leaves for a single night- still, after 12 years of being together. He’s my rock, my everything and I am so, so grateful for him.

So happy anniversary honey, I’m so glad you lied on your Match.com profile and tricked me into going out with you. :)






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