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No, not a room you’ve given a pummeling to, but rather a room which combines these two colors that so often are thought to be impossible to combine. While in Jamaica I got to thinking as I looked out at the ocean, how HAPPY the water makes me, and yet I have NO BLUE in my house! I love blue! Why is this? So I decided I want to add some more into the house somewhere, and the most obvious place for me is the living room. I purposely did all the main pieces in neutrals for this reason- being a designer I constantly want to change things in my space. It’s a laboratory for me, of sorts!  However, since I have my black stripe chair (which I adore and wont change), the black and white greek key on my drapes and my black buffet/bar I starting thinking I couldn’t use blue in here instead of the green.  So I did some Pinterest research and hot damn, yes I can!

Here are some great examples of combining blue and black together in various ratios and shades.

I adore this blue shade on the chair.

Just a hint of black and blue here in the this bedroom, or a dramatic blue door amongst lots of black.


Small pops of blue in this entry. Light blue, like this shade, is much easier to mix with black.


Busy but awesome.


A big classic black storage piece with the interior painted pale blue mixes with classic deeper blue and white patterns.


Such an awesome, textural space with interest!


My favorites- leopard and blue and white chinoiserie.


Works even in powder rooms.


And brass looks fabulous with it.


This heavy black chest looks dramatic against the blue and white paper and white woodwork.


Such a fun statement.


Blue, black and one of my favorite shades of green! And it all works!


Bold and fun!


In this corner of my room I actually DO have blue- this vase is one of my most favorite things in this room- so I want to play of that more!

Erin Gates Newton_288-2

Some thoughts on changes to make at some point… (that art was borrowed, I have a huge horse photograph on lucite up there now)

Erin Gates Newton_309edit

I could paint the lower cubbies a light/ medium blue to make it pop a bit more than the malachite wallpaper I have in there now.

Erin Gates Newton_257

Erin Gates Newton_344

Some thoughts and inspiration on what I’d add in!


velvet // drawing // rug // sisal // table // lamp // vase // horn // paisley fabric // block print fabric // leaf fabric




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