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Just wanted to put some of my current favorite things out there for you all.  I always love to hear about what people are loving at any given moment so why not add my own to that?

For years and years I used a crappy curling iron bought  at CVS on a whim and never thought twice about actually buying a new one. Until mine broke and I actually began looking into new ones that didn’t have the clip that I never use (I actually unscrewed the one off my Conair!)  Enter the Sultra Bombshell. About $100 more than my old one, this was quite a big price difference to swallow but MAN was it worth it. I love this thing, somehow it actually makes my hair feel healthier AND my curls last for DAYS.

I first heard about Chantecaille’s Future Skin Foundation through Kyle Knight during a trip to NYC together, but then was so kindly sent a jar by the folks at Neiman Marcus to try and it’s fabulous! So light and natural looking and hell, if Jennifer Aniston uses it, it’s good enough for me! They also sent along their Brilliant Gloss which is now a constant in my purse (I actually move it from purse to purse, so you know it’s good).  I was actually shopping with a client who pulled the exact one I had out of her purse and we both were blabbing about how great it is because it’s not sticky and actually moisturizes.

I told you this was random so I’m about to jump from foundation and gloss to chips. Yes, chips. To me pita chips and hummus is like crack. I can easily make a meal out of it and some wine, and often do when left alone.  But Andrew came home the other day with a bag of Food Should Taste Good Olive Chips and I am now a convert. I thought that since they are all natural and gluten free they would suck and the packaging was SO good I figured they must be overcompensating for said suckiness….but NO! SOOOOO freakin’ delish! New fave.

All my friends with pretty skin have sworn by using a Clarisonic.  I resisted for a long time until last month when I sucked it up and bought one to see what the hype is all about and I’m happy to report it’s all true. My skin has never felt cleaner and smoother and I’ve only been using it a few weeks.

I have a think about t-shirts and needing them to be the most perfect fit. Long, but not too long, fitted but not skin tight, lightweight but not see through. Enter the J.Crew Painters Tee . I am in LOVE with the fit of this long sleeve number and am going to order a bunch for fall layering. So perfect. (The stripe version rocks too)

Ia m all about brushed brass hardware and accents right now.  Simply obsessed. So when I saw this set of three mirrors on, of all places, Home Decorator’s Collection, I flipped. So fabulous and under $150 for all three??

I am totally focused on this navy Coach classics bucket bag for fall. My mom carried this very bag when I was growing up and I love that it’s back in this deep navy (which is the “new grey” which was the “new black”- try to keep up). Any Coach peeps out there who can help me find one? Pretty please? :)

Speaking of navy, if I could I would paint everything and it’s mother Farrow & Ball Hague Blue in a high gloss finish. I mean EVERYTHING. It is a truly gasp-inducing color in person, I can tell you that. I cannot get enough.

This look could not be more perfect. So classic, a little sexy and simple!!! This is how I want to look (Charlize’s genetics would help too).


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