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Gallery style art installations are something I would do in every home if I could.  It’s such a great way to display art, family photos or collectibles in a graphic and dramatic way.  They can be hung haphazardly, in a grid or even layered on wall shelves to give it a more casual feel.

Some tips on creating your own:

-I prefer the frames to match or all be the same color but vary in size and texture.  Or pick two colors- silver and white or gold and black and intersperse them in a visually pleasing way. I also like it if all the photos are black and white or all color.  Then you can mix in paintings, prints, graphics or anything you like.

– Trace the frames on brown craft paper and play with the layout on the wall using painters tape to not damage the paint.  Then you can hammer a nail right through the paper and rip it off once the picture looks be hung properly!

– If hanging in a grid the frames NEED to all be the same and hung close together- about 2″ apart.  Make sure the distance is the same between the side and above and below.

-If you don’t want to hang personal photographs find a great black and white photo or map and cut it into as many sections as you want your grid hanging to be.  Take them to a printing shop and have them blown up to the size desired and put each section in a frame in order so you see the full image but cut up into pieces.

-If using linear wall shelves and leaning them against the wall be sure to vary the heights of the frames- using some tall vertical ones and some smaller horizontal ones and vice versa.

Some inspirational images for you:

Picture 3Picture 5

Picture 10

Picture 14Picture 18

Picture 17Picture 23

Picture 24Picture 44

Picture 27Picture 40

Picture 42Picture 39

Picture 38Picture 37

Picture 36Picture 35

*images via Decorpad.


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