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I was in the middle of a full fledged renovation meltdown yesterday- back-orders, high quotes, days ticking away before we begin and way behind on designing it- panic was clawing it’s talons into my chest and threatening to render me to tears in public several times.  And then I read this story and thought, “I am damn lucky to be able to be here to do this renovation. Get a grip.”  A couple years ago we were all heartbroken in the blogging world when design blogger Marija was killed in a car accident coming home from an antiquing trip.  She had been blogging and planning a renovation of a gorgeous new home and in the middle of it she was taken away not only from her dream project but her loving husband and children.  It’s on of those things we all think will never happen to us, but in reality, it does.   However, in a wonderful turn of events, Marija’s dream home design was seen through thanks to designer Julia Edelman of Buckingham Interiors + Design and showcased in Chicago Home Magazine this month. While it’s incredibly sad she’s not here to see it I am sure that from wherever she is she is so pleased her family has such a lovely space to call home and be together. I hope they all continue to heal within these walls.


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