A Jolt of Design Goodness.


Finding great design gives me a jolt equivalent to a few cups of Starbucks’ strongest brew!
This morning I was looking around for vendors online who carry Shine Home, my current front runner for “coolest entire line” and came upon Cottage&Bungalow who had an entire section devoted to them as well as another perennial favorite, Bungalow 5. I am just floored at the level of creativity and whimsy that these people inject into their goods. Just look!

Above left: Bungalow 5 bamboo armchair, sold in pairs and available in various colors. “On sale”- but still very pricey for us mere mortals.
Above right: Shine Home nail head slipper chair. A-MA-ZING.

Above: Three Shine ceramic stools- way cooler than the garden variety ones you see everywhere. Love the tattoo design on the far left.

Above: Another Shine stool- this one complete with a high fashion nail heads- lots of colors. And the console table, I mean, come on- that lace like trim is beyond stunning! Also available in other colors like white and black.

Above Left: Bungalow 5 console with leaf cut outs.
Above Right: Shine’s part Greek part Asian influences lacquer console.

Above left: These Shine side tables would look amazing next to a bed. Or a couch. Or anywhere.
Above right: Shine buffet table with sunflower-esque detail.

Above left: Bungalow 5 side table
Above right: My favorite Shine side table- Moroccan shapes, nail head detail. Check, please.

Also, the collection of Shine Lighting is just sublime. Too many to post! Also, on the sister site, Just Cottage, there are amazing table lamps to choose from as well!

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