A Kitchen Inspired by a Movie


The other night I was in the mood to watch something light set in France. But for some crazy, unknown reason, no streaming service has French Kiss, one of my favorite “lay in bed and do nothing” movies. It’s a tragedy, I tell you. So instead I made Andrew watch Chocolat, which he was less than thrilled with,  but I was into since I hadn’t seen in in many years.  I forgot how amazingly charming the little chocolate shop is- and it immediately had me thinking of designing a kitchen based on the details in it!

The perfect light blue-green walls, the wood shelves, the patterned concrete tile floors? Oh yes, this is the PERFECT inspiration.



This blue color is soooooo good. Johnny Depp (in the days before he became Jack Sparrow both on and off screen) ain’t half bad either.


So here’s what I came up with…and I LOVE IT. Walls done in this perfect blue color, walnut cabinets (a rare choice in my design world, but here they work) and floating, open shelving in front of subway tile, some patterned floor tiles and counters done in Danby Imperial marble, which mixes tans and greys perfectly (such a beautiful stone choice here to match both the flooring and the warmth of the wood).  Add some brass details, and one HELL of a range (this is a dream kitchen after all) and you’ve got the perfect modern yet classic French inspired kitchen!  It makes me want to move and renovate!



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