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At the end of our grueling tour of flying every day into a new city and rushing to get presentable for the signings we treated ourselves to a night at what I now am calling “Disneyland for Adults”- the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay.  I knew this place was beautiful from the website, but I had NO idea how incredible it actually would be. 24 hours was simply not enough, and we already are planning to return next year!

We spent hours sitting right here, glass of wine in hand listening to the waves crash while watching golfers choke on the 18th hole of the magnificent course (and once almost getting hit by a ball). I would be throwing clubs if I had to complete a putt in front of a crowd of onlookers.   It was such a spectacular vista to behold, truly, and the most relaxed I’ve been in months. No, YEARS.

The hotel sits atop the cliffs atop the beach (photo from the site).


On the patio there are also large fire pits all over that are lit in the afternoon and stay on all evening.

photo 2-72

And there are MANY fires roaring inside too- it happened to be “Pumpkin Festival” weekend in Half Moon Bay, which is a big deal I hear, but we skipped it in favor of sitting on the aforementioned patio for a few more hours. Fighting crowds for a pumpkin muffin and pumpkin wine wasn’t on my  relaxation agenda….

photo 2-71

As the sun goes down a bagpiper plays and for a moment you feel like you’re in Scotland.  And then someone comes by to refresh your wine glass and you think “THIS IS THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH!”.  I also exclaimed that again later in the evening when you can pick up the best hot chocolate in the world and a s’mores kit and roast it by these fires under the stars!


For those with deep pockets, you can score yourself a private firepit room.  AMAZING.


This is the face of a very, very happy girl.

photo 4-49

We took many walks down to the beach- this was the view in the morning. Magic.

photo 4-47

Looking back at the hotel and cliffs.

photo 1-69

Walking on the flat sandy beach.  I was pretty much high on life just moseying along the shore, but then I SAW SEALS!  I’m not gonna lie, I pretty much lost my shit (I loooooooove seals) and refused to move for about half an hour as I waved at them like an idiot and squealed things like “Hi baby seals!!! I love you! I want one! Andrew, where do you think they sleep? I feel like they should have cozy beds!”  Certifiable.

photo 1-70

Back to the amazing cliffs dotted with incredible succulents and colors.

photo 4-48

photo 5-41

We also watched the waves crash against these rocks for a long time- it was like meditating. Until I insisted we go back and and look for my “seal friends” again.

photo 5-40

Natural beauty at it’s finest.

photo 5-39

Also of note, we had the MOST amazing massages in the spa (Andrew said it was the best of his life) and the staff here was incredible (and side note just in case- I paid for everything, this is not a paid endorsement of any kind- they took all my money. All of it.)  I begged Andrew to let us stay another night, and almost teared up when we had to leave (the only other time that has happened to me was on our honeymoon when I started bawling when we had to leave Kauai). The rooms are perfectly lovely (the bathroom was awesome) and I didn’t take nay pictures because that’s not the focus here- we were in the room only to sleep, because every moment you want to be outside.

I’m dead serious when I say you should go.  And if you do, please invite me to come along. I promise not to cramp your style, I’ll just go sit on the beach and talk to the seals.



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