A little more L.A.


The gorgeous small wares and green stairs of Zelen– including an array of my own turquoise foo dogs for way more than I paid. They are everywhere!

I stopped in Empiric not expecting anything and came out with a “favorites” list a mile long. There was so much in there I could have snapped up! Hands down the best LA home store I found. Check out the site for more wares.

left: There were tons of these anatomical charts everywhere in LA home shops!
right: a gorgeous chandelier

left: this console table with 2 x benches was TO DIE FOR. I also loved the little portrait hanging above it.
right: I simply adore this unique lighting fixture.

above: a great faux bamboo table and chair set in shiny white.

Another interesting shop was Cipher on Fairfax (sorry, no website). It had this very goth/romantic feel to it but had some seriously unique goods.

above: I saw tons of these preserved butterflies all over LA- but the best were in this shop. I wanted to get on for my mom- a delayed thanks for doing my bug collection in the 4th grade.

They also had preserved giant beetles. Creepy, yet so beautiful. I also took a fancy to the glove forms. They would look stunning grouped on a mantle.

OK, off to paint the rest of my dining chairs so I can get my dining room finally completed!!!!

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