A Love of Opposites.


I am a walking, talking  study in contradictions. I can be out of my mind obsessed with one style and then just as enamored with the complete opposite. The only thread connecting the two is that I simply love beautiful things.  An excellent illustration of this are these two homes I fell for in the NY Times- this super modern Washington State home and this amazing, natural lofty Parisian townhome.

These spaces could not be more different, yet I adore them both for the same reason.  They evoke an emotional feeling and speak to their locations eloquently.  This sleek coastal home on Puget Sound was literally built into the rocks, even using some of the rock inside to create an incredible sink.  The design is so contemporary and unique, yet it has such a natural feel, really respecting the elements of nature around it. Can;t you just picture hunkering down with a good book and hot cup of coffee here?

Picture 1

Picture 7

Picture 3

Picture 8

Picture 9

Picture 6

And in a distant land, down an alleyway in the 14th Arrondissiment, is this charming townhouse full of interesting nooks, rooms and textures. I love the antique feeling of the finishes and the easy, breezy feel of the decor. Plus, it’s Paris for heavens sake!






I reeeeeeeally wish I had woken up here.



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