A Moment to Remember



This day one year ago was a horrible one for those living in Boston, those who have ever lived in Boston, those who ran or have run in our marathon and those hoping to someday. Actually, it was just a horrible day for everyone as member of the human race.  But as a Bostonian, I am still so proud of how my city reacted on that day and every day since. I cannot believe it’s been a year and at the same time it feels like it was so very long ago.  Every time I walk by the bombing sites while running errands in Back Bay I get a chill down my spine. To remember what happened in the places I’ve walked a million times still seems unfathomable to me.

But I am looking forward to seeing the incredible turnout for this year’s race- there are SO many runners (thousands more than last year) and so many people who want to go and show support to the victims and those running for them.  If you are looking for a great way to help fund someone’s run check out She Gives Boston’s Roll Call for Runners which lists tons of individual runners and the charities they are raising money for. Pick a random stranger and donate $10 to their run in a show of support- it’s such a nice random act of kindness we all can partake in.  This video explains it all…

And if you happen to know someone running this year my friend Jennifer Hill of JHill Design is making these fantastic prints you can order and personalize for your runner (including their time!)  Personalization is free through the month of April if you use the code RUN2014 at checkout.  This is such a fantastic gift for someone who has put so much dedication and hard work into completing this amazing goal during such a meaningful year.



Today I am thinking of all the victims of the bombing, their families and all those who were injured. I love you Boston.

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