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When I saw the pictures from this NY Times story on my pal Sami’s blog, my heart was awash in joy.  This blonde sprite of a woman,  Sandra Foster, took what was a decrepit hunting shack and turned it into a dream escape just for herself on a budget of $3,000- FOR EVERYTHING.  While it has no kitchen or bath (those necessities reside in the trailer she and her husband live in on the property), this Victorian dollhouse is simply a place for her to retreat to alone. Wouldn’t it be so lovely (not matter how much you like spending time with your S.O.) to have a little place to call your own? Where you could go with a cup of tea and paint or re-read all your Twilight books (is that just me?)

While this little house was created from Sandra’s own sweat and determination (she did the construction herself), there is a deeper, sadder story to this take that makes the final result all the more sweet.  Her family lost their home when she was a teenager and while homeless Sandra dreamed of a home like this one, full of antiques and frills.  Her husband and she  have had their share of monetary troubles as well.  He’s recovering from an injury and she’s been working two jobs to support them. I must admit, they make a visually unexpected pairing, but they both love to garden, and have found a quiet life that suits them just fine– and that makes me smile and believe in the enormous power that love has. Read the entire story here– it’s a truly magical, interesting piece.

I can think of no one more deserving for this darling space than Sandra (who is also a blogger!)





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