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I am honestly depressed the royal wedding is over.  I was delighted out of my mind on Saturday morning watching it and thought it was the best royal wedding ever. Not only for it’s beauty but for the more relaxed (for royals) vibe it had as well as a serious feeling of true love. Like, Harry is HEAD OVER HEELS, it’s so obvious. She was cool as a cucumber, and he was a fidgety, teary mess! It was adorable!

Ok, so down to brass tacks– the church and flowers were AMAZING. Absolutely perfect, loose, garden-inspired and exactly what I was thinking they would do.

I mean, can you even imagine how incredible it smelled in there!

I mean, look how absurdly gorgeous this shot is? NAILED IT.

I would have liked some swags on the front of those pews, but you can’t win ’em all :)

OK, now onto the important stuff. THE DRESS.  The minute I glimpsed her dress and whole look I yelled “I WAS RIGHT!!!!” (see my prediction for the dress on Friday).  Hair up, simple makeup and a modern, clean lined high neck gown.  I missed the mark when I guessed Burberry as the designer, when it was in fact Givenchy, which as it turns out, was the perfect choice seeing as the new creative director is not only British but the first female creative director for Givenchy (and also, the designer was Audrey Hepburn’s favorite to boot.) That choice plus her walk in alone at the beginning of the church was a nice little female empowerment moment.

Lets start from the top. The tiara was bananas. Way better than Kate’s in my opinion. It was modern and streamlined in its design and coordinates absolutely perfectly with her dress. One of the prettiest I’ve ever seen….and can you imagine? This thing just sits in a vault and no one wears it. I’d be vacuuming in that thing (or overseeing the Royal Vacuumers at least, since Queens don’t vacuum I assume!)

The veil was also insane. Simple, perfect and meaningful. (And again, look at those flowers!!!!)

So, if we’re going to be picky, I do think her dress should have been a touch more fitted in the bodice and sleeves. Not TIGHT, but it did look a bit loose. Like most brides, myself included, I’m sure she lost some weight in the week leading up to the event (especially with all that Markle family nonsense), but you would think there would have been tailors on hand to tailor it last minute.  Kate’s dress looked like it was literally sewn onto her body it fit so perfectly.  That said, I LOVED IT.  I loved how simple it was, and yet romantic. It’s a classic look that will never tire.

One of my favorite parts was how the skirt fell with the train. It was beautifully tailored.

I mean, how gorgeous does she look?

One other thing that bothered me though was her hair. I loved the style, but the loose hairs falling in her face and at her neck drove me bananas. I loved the concept of the style, but the execution fell a little short.  A little more hairspray and one more bobby pin and it would have been ideal. But still, I’d donate a kidney to look like her and be a princess so ….. who cares what I think!

This dress by British designer Suzanne Neville is kind of my dream version of Meghan’s dress.

And then HOT DAMN the reception dress? BAM. Stunning. (But yes, also needed a little tailoring around the midsection).  And Harry looks mighty fine in that tux. These two look ready to party.

And the Jag? Swoon. This really is the stuff dreams are made up. Can you imagine waking up a Meghan and then going to bed a freaking Duchess with Princess Diana’s ring on your finger???? Girlfriend must be pinching herself.

Speaking of the aquamarine ring from Diana…

And now onto the guests.  I love Kate’s coat dress but MY GOODNESS, I am floored she wore a re-run for such a big event! She looks gorgeous, but she has worn this three times before to rather large events!  I am sure she did not want to upstage the bride in any way shape or form, and did just have a baby 5 minutes ago– but still, I wish she had worn something new! I would have liked her in this hydrangea blue coat dress with matching Phillip Treacy hat.  I think this color would suit her.

Doria, Meghan’s mother, looked radiant and beautiful as well. I felt so bad for her sitting in the pew alone, clearly incredibly emotional over this magnanimous moment with no one’s hand to hold. But her citron Oscar de la Renta was perfection.

My two favorite looks were Amal Clooney’s yellow ensemble and actress Janina Gavankar’s coral vintage dress/cape situation (which looked so good on tv when she was strutting in!)

Lady Kitty Spencer slayed in this green Dolce & Gabbana and I thought Gina Torres (from Suits) looked radiant in red.

Countess Specer was pretty darn chic is all purple as was Gabriel Macht’s wife Jacinda Barrett

Actually the Suits cast pretty much BROUGHT it. Loved Sarah Rafferty’s navy Lanvin.  I also might be in the unpopular group who adored the floral Valentino on James Blunt’s wife Sofia Wellesley. I thought it was so charming.

OK, so my least favorites: PIPPA! Oh Pippa, this was so out of left field for her! (And yes I’ve seen the Arizona iced tea can comparisons). Rumors are that she’s pregnant (I could have guessed from the much more ample assets up top) but this was not a flattering choice. It looked way too dowdy for such a young woman!

I would have much preferred a slightly more hip Erdem floral dress on her (the second one here is in fabric aptly called Windsor Wallpaper!)!

I also did not care for Oprah’s dress (too tight!) or Victoria Beckham’s dress, which looked sad and depressing.

To me, the wedding seemed like a fresh, modern injection of life into the stiff royal family.  And I couldn’t help but thinking that this wedding, and shift in perspective from the royal family in embracing a woman they most likely would have rejected years ago, is the Queen’s way of trying to make amends to Diana, and her sons. It felt like Diana was orchestrating this whole thing from afar and I hope would be so happy for her son to not only be so in love, but be marrying a strong, independent, outspoken woman whom I imagine, won’t let the rules of the Royal family quiet her ideals.

What are we going to look forward to now?Yesterday it felt like a had a royal wedding hangover.  I think getting lost in the joy and pomp and circumstance of this event was a much needed happy distraction for many!

What did you think about it???


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