A Unique Gift for Mom


(shown unpersonalized above)

This serves as a reminder: Mother’s Day is fast approaching! For those of you who typically become frantic when you mosey past the Hallmark section of CVS and see that Mother’s Day is that day- you can thank me later. :)
I saw this item a while back, but never had the right time to post it. Jack and Lulu, one of my favorite stationery companies, makes monogrammed lucite recipe boxes that are simply to die for! Now, your mom doesn’t need to be all June Cleaver to appreciate this gift, I for one would love one and am certainly no chef/super homemaker. It’s a great way to organize those inspirational recipe’s you undoubtedly rip out of magazines (and never make) while adding a little “oomph” of style to your counter top. Plus, anything personalized shows that you went that little extra mile. Always good to get extra brownie points (ha) with mom!

(Notice that even the cards themselves are monogrammed!)

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