A Visit to the Matouk Factory


Last week I made a pilgrimage down to the Matouk factory in Fall River, MA. Until a couple of years ago I didn’t know that this luxury bedding company was actually based out of Massachusetts!  I have clients who have always sworn by the factory store down there for bedding and towels at a discount but had never been myself.  So I decided to change that and went down for a little tour of the store, the factory and see the plans for their expansion!

The factory store is small (for now) but CHOCK FULL of awesome finds.

Lulu DK for Matouk bedding…


And these aren’t all “seconds” or imperfect items- I found some insanely gorgeous, for sale elsewhere at full price items like these shams (of which there were pairs or even three of four!) The grey ones at left KILL me, I’ve been eying them forever- and they were WAY, way discounted.


Some adorable kids bedding…


All these towels available too- and they’ll monogram them for you! You have to come to the store in person though, you can’t call and order over the phone.  It’s part of the fun to make the trip!



Soaps, candles and their amazing-smelling line of special care laundry detergents.  I had no idea fabric softener can ruin towels, so I also learned something on this trip too!


Then I got to step into the factory and see a lot of this stuff get made!


This machine was amazing, and does the quilting on bedcovers and shams.


This huge machine did embroidery on towels.


It was really fun to watch. I could have sat there with a glass of wine and watched this thing for hours.


But a lot of what is made here is done the old fashioned way- by hand (with the help of machines). Like these scalloped edge towels that are hand trimmed using these templates.


And I got to watch all these skilled people add embroidery and details by hand.


Many of the sewing machines are 50 years old!


Spools of lace trim and colorful solid tapes…


Bins of sheets waiting to be folded and packaged. I was never really a believer in fancy sheets until I got my first set of Matouks.  There really is a difference not only in feel but in durability too. Even Andrew notices when he gets in bed after I’ve put out set on “Ooooh, are our nice sheets on??” :)


One of the coolest rooms to visit was the custom monogram and embroidery room.  All the hand drawn templates for monograms…


And the process is done under black light with this cool yellow ink. Amazing.


It really makes you appreciate the little details on your items- knowing that this woman hand applied your monogram!


They have a huge warehouse where everything lives before it’s shipped off to vendors (or to you).  This was the rack of all the sample books that stores like Bloomingdales get for display.


Currently the factory and store are a little non-descript. But they have BIG plans to make this a brand new kind of factory, one that really values it’s employees happiness and welcomes visitors!  There will be a refacing of the building that includes lots of glass walls to let light in and visitors to the factory store peek into what I got to see on tour!


They are even planning a park that employees and visitors can use.


The CEO (whose grandfather started the company, read about the interesting heritage of the company here) asked that all the employees sign the walkway in a very sweet gesture.


A lot of people have been working for Matouk for a very long time (case in point, this woman who added her hire date of 1980 (!!) to her signature.  You can just tell that the people working here are truly valued, taken care of and happy.


The renovation of the Matouk factory will be done in October!  But you can visit in the meantime HERE.






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