About Yesterday…


So I’ve hinted on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as to some new, exciting project I was chosen to work on while I can’t do a full reveal I can tell you it involves a partnership between the one and only Oprah and Ikea. I mean, could there be a better partnership for me? I don’t think so! I jetted into NYC last week for fittings and then went back yesterday for the shoot, part of the year long commitment to this project.

I’ve been photographed a lot in the last two years, but this was a WHOLE other level. This was a real, honest to goodness big time shoot- with full on hair and makeup people, set designers, stylists, like 10 photo and video pros and O Magazine staffers. To say I was overwhelmed would be the understatement of the year.

The studio was amazing, looking over Manhattan. As were the shoes. I bet you can guess which was were my favorite.

Two pieces I wore that were fantastic- this watercolor Rag & Bone skirt and these SICK velvet Rachel Zoe tuxedo trousers (which I got to keep since they were tailored to me! Yeeeee haaawww!)

While I tried my best to take it all in I was so friggin’ nervous.

I was much more this:

than this:

And when it came to filming video I pretty much forgot my name. Proof positive that I won’t be on a TV show aaaaaaaanytime soon. If you yell “action” I will 100% do this for the first 215 takes:

McKayla was NOT impressed:

Practice makes perfect, right? :)

Up next, a trip to California to do an appearance at the O! You conference in Los Angeles!So excited and honored to be working with these two amazing companies! More to come!

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