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As of late I’ve been on a “only buy original art” tear.  I’m kind of over prints and reproductions, however, my bank account isn’t exactly of Picasso proportions.  So per the usual I turn to Etsy to find great original art- I am currently focusing on a bright and loose nude sketch for my bathroom.  I fell madly in love with these one minute sketches by Gretchen Kelly. From the artist herself …”These original sketches are from 1 minute poses, which are the warm-up exercise for longer poses. In a series of 10 poses, usually done at the beginning of a 3 hour session with a model, I quickly sketch + paint in multi-media of watercolor, pastel, gouache + graphite. I like to paint the female figure in quick poses to capture the gesture and the feeling of the beauty that I see. I use swift colorful strokes and finish off with defining marks in graphite.”

Against my black wall one of these would be perfect- and at only $50-$60 a piece it’s completely doable!


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