All In the Family


I am currently hugely enamored by Sid and Ann Mashburn of Atlanta.  Another reason this southern city is on everyone’s radar these days.  Sid has an eponymous menswear shop considered to be one of the finest in the country. Designed by Square Feet Studio, it’s a magnificent homage to all things preppy and “old money”- equestrian and hunting influences, rich woodwork and vintage accents. Now his wife Ann has opened a shop of her own just a few storefronts down from Sid’s (how cute).  As former assistant to Vogue’s Polly Mellon, Ann has a refined eye and shows it through her carefully edited collection. I’m dying to visit both shops!

Ann’s new shop:

Their home has a similar feel (as shown by Atlanta Homes Magazine)

God, I want a pink sofa.

Sid’s Shop:

Maybe they’ll adopt me? Better yet, this only fuels my life long desire to open a store. I know, it’s not all ribbons and joy, it’s super duper hard work, but it’s in my blood and someday, mark my words, there will be a store with me behind the counter and my name on the door.

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