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Jane Birkin. Jackie O. Grace Kelly.

Some of the most fashionable women in history all adored, and ultimately inspired, this brand. But Hermes is much more than just beautiful silk scarves and handbags with 6 year long waiting lists. It seems these days you can’t open a shelter magazine without seeing the Hermes “H” wool and cashmere blanket (above) draped over a couch arm or end of a bed. If I had this $900 blanket, I’d probably drape it over MYSELF and wear it every day for that price! It’s simple color block scheme is very modern; and the subtle, yet in your face branding is desirable- for those of us who can pay $900 for a throw. But no watching movies with buttery popcorn snuggled in this beautiful number…no, no.

True to the iconic label’s history, the look they present in their home and personal accessory lines is pure, classic good taste- and that, my friends, you can’t put a price on.

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