Amateur Hour


Anyone who has heard me exclaim that I am “the best painter ever” needs to slap me.
I decided to take on my maaster bath project of painting metallic stripes on the walls and it was about 1,000 times harder that I imagined mostly because I managed to pick the most unforgiving paint on the planet. As much as I love the professionally painted look of Benjamin Moore’s Pearlescent Tint paint in Veil Cream….it is like trying to paint a wall with sheer nail polish!!!! 8 hours later and about 10 coats of paint (and a messed up ceiling that now needs to be repainted) I am somewhat done and only 50% pleased with the results. I warn you, if you want to ue this paint HIRE SOMEONE.

Now, I have to finish painting my chairs, put up my window treatments and paint the bedroom….oh, and assemble a chandelier that came in 64 parts.
Sweat equity,baby.

I earned my wine tonight.

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