AMAZING Weekend Find!


The hubby and I were taking a long walk around our neighborhood this weekend because there were a crazy amount of garage sales (and you never know what you’ll find…lots of old ladies on our street that might think their old Eames stuff is “junk”) We meandered up to the little center of town and I spotted a huge amount of furniture on the green in front of this historic building… and then I saw a sign “estate sale”.
Too bad our house is chock full of furniture already because there were amazing side tables, dressers, desks, and CHAIRS galore! Andrew and I spotted this buffet table below and loved it (I’ve taught Andrew to now have a good antiquing eye!) The yellow interiors, the wire door fronts, the ring pulls- I was ready to fork over decent cash for it. I look at the tag- $75!!!!! No joke- we could not believe it was so cheap! We bought it on the spot and watched as a slew of more people came by adoring it and cursing the sold sign on the tag (and the seller cursing his ridiculously low price). :) (Cue giggles of glee from yours truly)
So, I think this will go in our dining room replacing the buffet we have from Andrew’s grandfather (which I love as well, but this one just is a STATEMENT). Should I paint the interiors turquoise or kelly green which will match my house better? Hmmmm…..

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