Among Friends


(#1- my old stomping grounds!)

When Andrew and I decided to sell our beloved first condo in Cambridge, I had a hard time imagining someone else living inside those walls. So when my good friend Kate told us SHE wanted to buy the place, we were thrilled! Not only could I come back and visit my first home, but no broker’s fees! :) As if that wasn’t serendipitous enough, Kate then hired me to help her make the place her own. People said “Isn’t decorating your old place weird?” No way! I had so many things I wanted to do in there that I never did, not to mention I knew exactly how the place flowed and what would work where.

So here are some pictures of the project. Awaiting art for the bedroom and throw pillows for the couch, but it looks so fabulous! Certain things I did while living there were left- like the amazing Audrey pendant in the dining area from Stonegate Designs. (I LOVE their light fixtures so much, it’s ridiculous.) The Cape Cod woven wood shades from JC Penney also remained, as well as the bookshelf build-in I designed for the bedroom in a useless alcove and the crystal chandelier above the bed. We did some AMAZING custom bedding in chartreuse and chocolate- bringing in just a TOUCH of my favorite zebra with the custom boudoir pillow. The chocolate roman shades from Smith & Noble are stunning with the cream border, I think they really make the bedroom special. The red walls in the bathroom (C2 Molten) were a risk, but BOY did they pay off- especially with the amazing fabric we picked for the custom shower curtain! The ceiling of the bathroom is painted a slight metallic beige, which almost made our painter walk into oncoming traffic (same color I used in our bathroom-oy vey).
The couch was done in a beautiful beige linen-like weave from Boston Interiors and a plasma installed above the gas fireplace (which I had always wanted to do there)! It saves SO much space in a small condo! And Kate had me make her a moss wreath for her door- a nice finishing touch!
Anyways, enough of that- the pics do not do it justice, but you get the idea.
Thank you Kate, hope you make lots of happy memories in there just like we did!

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