An A+ Bug Collection 2.0


When I was in middle school I had to make a bug collection for science class, as many of you probably did too. I hated bugs, and could not imagine anything grosser than pinning a dead bug to foam board. Thank goodness I had a mom who could have been a zoologist and thought this kind of project was the bee’s knees (pun fully intended). So naturally I got an A. More like Mom got an A. She still loves to collect insects (dead or alive) and has taken to collecting bones she finds on her walks in the woods. My dad has come home to find a deer skull in a bucket of bleach on the kitchen counter with a beaming mom asking “Isn’t it AMAZING??” Too cute.
So if I could gift her one of THESE bug collections from the New York Botanical Gardens shop I would in a heartbeat, I know she’d love them. An A+ for sure.

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