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I get a lot of PR e-mails. A LOT. People asking me to write about air fresheners, what celebrity is wearing their ugly jewelry and even things like some chain restaurant’s new cheese stuffed extra cheese pizza.  But once in a while, I get some really GOOD emails- like the one I got a couple weeks ago asking me if I’d like to do a little Q&A with Sophie Kinsella– author of the Shopaholic series. Ummmm…..yes. I do recall spending many a lazy beach day devouring those.  They send me her new novel to review, I’ve Got Your Number, and I finished it in two days, staying up one night for 3 hours to finish it.  Such a fun, modern love triangle romp!  If you need some fun in your literary life, I’d pick it up!

I was psyched to get to ask Sophie some questions about the book and some of her favorite things….

I was up for four hours the other night finishing this book, it was SUCH a fun read! I can’t help but love the drama. Anything in particular inspire this love triangle storyline?

Thank you so much! I’m really glad you enjoyed it. One of the main things I wanted to give this book was pace and excitement as well as comedy, and that’s where the love triangle came in. I like to put my heroines into really tense, close-to-the-wire situations, and what could be more tense than a love triangle, days before your wedding?

Technology and it’s ability to connect people who don’t really know each other plays a big role in this book- one I think we can all relate to these days (I met my husband on Match.com).  Was there a specific reason or  event that caused you to give that modern twist to this book?

No specific reason, more a gradual noticing of how technology has seeped into everyone’s lives and changed the way we live. I am so dependent on my phone, it’s a joke! Like Poppy, I feel a genuine separation anxiety if I mislay it. I message my husband all day long, and it sometimes feels as though we’re psychic – he can be anywhere, but I can still talk to him. Communication is changing all the time. In some ways it can make us closer as humans, but in other ways it is distancing. There can be a lot of misunderstanding in emails and texts, and that’s something I wanted to explore, too. (PS lovely to hear you met your husband on Match.com – that’s definitely one of the pluses of modern technology :))

Poppy is such a great “everygirl” character- I really felt for her because I could identify with parts of her personality, good an bad. There were certainly moments I cringed at her behavior and others I felt terrible for her during. Do you create characters using bits of real people you know?

I’m glad you liked Poppy! I create characters by instinct. I ‘feel’ my way into them as I’m writing them, so I can’t say that I have deliberately put any real people into her, but I’m sure I’ve been influenced by friends and family and, of course, myself. She gets intimidated by the very intellectual Tavishes and there have definitely been times when I’ve been with very high-powered academics and felt over-awed!

I have already cast the film in my head! Who might you imagine playing these parts?

Ha! I’m useless at this game! My characters seem so real to me, I can’t imagine anyone else ‘being’ them. But I think it would be a really fun movie, especially with all the texts!

As a struggling writer I cannot seem to wrap my head around completing a book.  Any tips for those who hope to someday see their name on the cover of one?

I sympathise! It’s so  much easier to start a book, full of of excitement and hope, than to finish it. I find it helps to take a step back. If you’re in the middle of a book, and struggling, take a few days out, remind yourself of WHY you want to write this book, what is so great about it, and why the idea excited you in the first place. You might find that you’ve strayed up a side alley and need to get back on track… or you need to cut a section. Whatever the solution is, it’s much easier to get perspective after a little time out.

What are your current 5 favorite home/fashion/beauty products? We always love to know! :)

Hurrah! Always very happy to chat about favourite products. :) At the moment I am having a real bird craze and have just bought a fab red cuckoo clock for the kitchen which all the family love.

I also have a really unusual bird lampshade above my bed. It makes me feel as though I sleep in a forest!

I was recommended the Nars Velvet Matte lip pencil recently and I love it. It is so easy to apply, has a great texture and stays on! I have it in Pop Life.

I’ve been using Lancome Genifique serum for a few months now. I really do think it makes a difference, and it’s easy to apply because it dries so quickly.

Finally, I couldn’t talk about products without mentioning shoes! :) With a new baby I’ve been looking for something practical, and have my eye on these Jimmy Choo pumps, which are comfortable and chic – perfect for spring.


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