An Ode to The Parker


It is not often that I find a hotel so enchanting that I do not even want to leave it to go shopping. Such is The Parker Palm Springs and I had the heavenly pleasure of staying there for four days in the warm desert sun. The decor may be a bit much for most, it is truly retro to the core, but it lends a sense of humor and whimsy to the joint- from the pink pants on the valets to the giant neon “drugs” sign in the lobby. This is not a place to come for meditation and padding around in your robe. It’s a place to sit in the sun, play a little croquet, start drinking at about 2pm and get chatty with the scensters that inhabit the bar. It’s lively, happy and delicious.
And shockingly, so did my husband. He did not flinch at the $18 bill for the blueberry pancakes I had at Norma’s while sitting on the cheery patio- maybe because I was moaning obnoxiously loud about how they were the best pancakes that had ever graced my taste buds and that I planned to eat them until I puked (but in a non-bulimic sort of way). Seriously, if I could have had them for breakfast, lunch and dinner the whole trip I would have. But all the food was exceptional- our dinner at Mister Parker’s was not only delightful fun, but yummy too.
Everything was hideously expensive but the hotel makes you so happy that you don’t seem to care. $8 for a Red Stripe? Sure! Whatever! (Cut to Andrew kicking his sandy bare feet up on the outdoor couches). Cheers.
Jonathan Adler clearly had fun designing this shrine to cheekiness. And no detail was left untouched. Even the salt and pepper shakers make you smile. The sprawling estate is full of lush greenery with little private nooks to sit and relax in, water fountains, two lovely pools and even fire pits to cozy up to at night with some wine. And the SPA- my, my, the spa is pure decadence. What a triumphant space for Mr. Adler. It is simply stunning. Like walking into a Hollywood Regency dream complete with metallic wallpaper, giant navy drapes and the most unique mirrors I’ve seen in a while!
And for the ladies- when I went into my bathroom not only did I gasp in pleasure from the David Hicks hexagon wallpaper- but the super sized toiletries from Hermes, Molton Brown, Peter Thomas Roth, Pehaligon’s and L’Occitaine. I stole them all, of course.
And to top it off, we had not one, not two but THREE celebrity sightings!!! Amanda Peet was there with her husband and gorgeous baby girl she called Frankie, Taye Diggs was playing ping pong by the pool with his shirt off (ahem) and Ed Norton was in the lobby when we were having drinks! I just about died!
I wish I could go back tomorrow. :(

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