An Unexpected Color Pairing


While the interior design business is most often an excellent way to show off your creativity and unique concepts for a space, a lot of times people play it safe. And I don’t blame them – it’s a lot of money to decorate a room, and it’s scary to make choices that seems really bold and unique. So most of the time, we play things on the more subdued side. The fun part of having a blog though, is being able to have fun making up pretend clients who want to do the bold/ fun stuff! :). I saw these cool mirrors, that double as art, and it got me thinking about a bedroom steeped in tradition with fun modern accents in the unexpected pairing of french blue and golden yellow. I picture this client being British maybe? A confident woman in her 30s perhaps? This would be in a city condo with great historic bones and tall windows (framed with ivory silk dupioni drapes!)

Anyways, a fun exercise for me- and perhaps gets you thinking about making bolder choices in your own home!

  1. Patterned mirrors//2. Ceiling light // 3. Wall color- F&B Lulworth Blue  // 4. Nightstands // 5. Tufted bed// 6. Bedside lamps // 7. Art // 8. Bedding // 9. Pillows // 10. Lumbar pillow // 11. Lampshade // 12. Lamp // 13. Reeded dresser (check out the detail!) // 14. Rug

This color palette reminds me to tell you, I will be shooting and sharing Emma’s nursery soon – I’m just waiting on one last piece of art! As soon as that’s here I’ll get it done!

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