And I Thought I Was Busy: Linda Banks/Banks Design Associates

A fantastic new client of mine handed me this magazine yesterday, Maine Home + Design. I’ve looked at it a few times when going through my dad’s massive stack of magazine subscriptions on visits home, but have yet to subscribe. Consider me subscribed. I loved this cover from the May issue and wanted to learn more about the space. Turns out, it’s the residence of Linda Banks, ASID of Banks Design Associates. It’s such a great combination of classic New England shoreline aesthetics blended with a modern kick. I especially love the white woodwork ont he walls and the blue ceiling, it’s a great way to add a dash of the unexpected without looking like your trying to be unexpected! As I found out by researching a bit, Linda is the most impressive Jane of All Trades- she runs her interior design and architecture firm AND an incredible looking shop called Simply Home in Falmouth, Maine.

Here is Linda’s home from the magazine:

Exterior before, a non descript ranch home:

Bam! The after shot:

Other projects by Linda:

I cannot get enough of the tent looking draperies on the angled ceiling below left- sheer genius!

Linda’s architecture work:

How can one woman do so much? I salute you, Linda Banks!

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