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I had to post my dear, funny hubby’s response to today’s post below

Here is the problem men have with these items:

Lucite: It’s plastic. As a chair, plastic is a pretty uncomfortable material…not a whole lot of lucite mattresses out there. As a table it looks like Miami Vice from the 60’s. You see through it so we might run into hit ( a hazard) and it shows the crumbs underneath the coffee table. The last time we liked plastic tables we were kids and they were made by Playskool.

Tulip table: First off there is the name…not really manly. Second, it looks like it will tip over when put our elbows on it (hello…hazard). Third it is round, which for most men doesn’t scream dinning table…they are rectangular.

Armless Chair: We will fall out of it (yet again, a hazard).

So it all comes down to safety really.
As for the throw pillow situation….just look at this REAL news story from a couple days ago! Unbelievable!!!!


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