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So I am in the throes of trying to pack for my book tour and I’ve been shopping like a maniac.  I’m trying to stick to a simple palette for all my outfits- black, white, leopard and hints of red- so that I can mix and match pieces (I’ll be doing a full post on how/if I manage to succeed in this feat!)  While at the mall this weekend I wandered into Ann Taylor after seeing a really great coat in the window. And I was shocked- SHOCKED- at how many things I loved in the store.  With a previous reputation of being a store for women looking for affordable business suits and professional attire, the new collection totally blew my mind (and found me at the counter checkout with four items!)  So I had to share some of my favorites and finds in case you typically skip over this store when shopping- think again!


LOVE this cable knit sweater in cream and the grey, and I bought the faux leather skirt at right- the fit is AWESOME and it looks just like the leather my real leather pants are made of!

Naturally I adore this blouse (would also be adorbs with jeans) and this poncho (which I didn’t buy and now regret).



This color blocked top with lace detail is SO perfect for a night out, and I picked up this tweed jacket at right- SO much cuter in person than this pic! I plan to wear with jeans (winter white or denim) and a beige silk camisole.


For some color, this wine sweater dress is perfection, as is this amazing cape coat in navy. So chic.


Great faux leather leggings and another item I bought, these leggings at right. They are thick (no see through) fit awesome, have a little flare at the ankle and the zippers are a great detail. I plan to wear these while traveling like every day.


Leopard coat (DUH) with a killer collar. I do love a good collar.  And I adore the bright blue of this coat.


Leather details- this trench is so awesome in person and a fall must have, the leather jacket.


Totally amazed by these evening dresses!!!


There were a lot of great booties in store too- I can’t decide between these two.


Adorable cheetah heels and color block flats, both essentials in my opinion.


Some great jewelry too- I especially loved the beetle pendant!



A classic bag with designer details and a great selection of sunglasses (I walked around with these on for a while but then realized I have 800 pairs of sunglasses…)




*This post was sponsored in part by Ann Taylor. All opinions and selections are my own. Thanks for supporting EOS.


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