Another Day.


The sun is out and birds are chirping, and somehow that seems both viciously wrong and softly inspiring at the same time. I find myself unable to pull myself away from the news, I was up late into the night watching the same images circulate over and over.  I know that life must goes on, but to me, it still doesn’t feel right to go back to normal posts today.  My heart just wouldn’t be in it, and I don’t feel like faking it- not only for myself, but for you too.  We are friends.  Friends who chat everyday (I guess that makes me quite the blabbermouth pal), and the fact that so many of you reached out to me from all parts of the world in concern on Monday really did warm my heart.  It’s amazing that complete strangers felt worried about someone they never have even met.

In Boston the outpouring of love and support is amazing.  A friend posted on Facebook that when he went into one of my favorite coffee shops in the South End he was told someone had paid for everyone’s coffee yesterday.  Isn’t that just lovely?  It’s just one example of the acts of kindness spreading through the city in the wake of this horrible act. It made me think, as I was wide away at 2 a.m., that what this evil, cowardly person did had the OPPOSITE effect they were after.

It did not destroy us, it made us stronger.

It did not breed hate, it birthed MORE love.

We did not run away, we ran towards.

We were not shattered, we were united.

People are not evil, they are good.

It’s very easy to feel helpless right now, and I want to use this small platform of mine to do something but am not sure what.  So for now I’ll just share the information for the One Fund Boston, set up by our governor and mayor to assist victims with medical expenses and other needs.  And if you were there at the race, PLEASE send any pictures you have of the area near the blast to the FBI 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324)


I know that there are scads of people looking for whoever did this today.  And while they cower and hide, I hope they realize that they failed miserably.  And I hope that when they catch them, and they will, their destination is Suffolk County Jail. Because Boston takes care of it’s own.

Stephen Colbert knows this…. and put it perfectly.

** UPDATE: The Rue La La offices are a block from my studio and I couldn’t be prouder of their response to this. Including these awesome shirts with proceeds going to the Emergency Medical Fund at Mass General. I bought one for me and one for Andrew.  If you love Boston as much as we do, buy one for yourself too.

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