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This past weekend Andrew I went up to Kennebunkport, Maine again, which is now feeling like our second home (minus the whole actually having a second home there thing).  I was part of a holiday workshop at the lovely White Barn Inn and got to craft, bake and drink (a lot) with some lovely ladies all while in the comfort of this historic and cozy place.  Take a peek…

Our lovely room complete with Pretty Woman sized tub and a two sided fireplace.  A gorgeous little welcome from the innkeeper.

We got to go into the famed kitchen of the inn to learn to bake stollen with the sous chef and pastry chef.  Every time we looked up our champagne glasses were refilled- as if there was a sneaky champagne ninja quietly operating.  The day continued with me giving some holiday decorating tips and helping everyone craft preserved moss wreaths… glue guns + 4 glasses of champagne= FUN!

We had an awesome cocktail class to top off the day and learned to make the MOST incredible chocolate martini ever (and I don’t even like chocolate martinis!)  It was seriously delicious and would be the perfect thing to serve as a dessert drink at a party! The recipe is at the bottom of this post so keep scrolling baby. And one of the most wonderful parts of the restaurant at the White Barn (besides the impeccable service and food) is the display they always have done outside the large windows. This season it was particularly awesome.

Back in the room we found MORE CHAMPAGNE. Oh boy. So I thought bubbles and bubbles would be a perfect pre-dinner activity…. and then our four course meal. I don’t think I’ve ever been so full. My DVF dress was straining to keep itself together.

We stopped in town for some coffee and enough time to snap a pic of the cool decor outside a shop and then went to my favorite place in Kennebunk, Snug Harbor Farm to peruse the plants, wares and animals…

The best thing I picked up there for myself was this little fox portrait (wearing a striped tee!!!) done by Juan Estrella framed oh-so-perfectly.  I found he has an Etsy shop with all varieties of animals. ALL WEARING STRIPED SHIRTS!!!

MINI HORSES!!!!!! Oh, and this dog bed I really wanted for the boys.

How pretty are these chickens (roosters?)

OK, now for that drink. Bottoms up!


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