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So, Wednesday morning bright and early Dad and I will load ourselves into his pick up truck and zoom up to Brimfield for opening day! We both have never been (I truly cannot believe HE has never been) and I am getting excited to see what all the fuss is about! From what I’ve heard it’s massive, overwhelming, busy, hectic and a goldmine for goods.
I warmed up for the upcoming purchasing frenzy this weekend by buying some antiques to refinish and sell while in Woodstock, CT. THEY ARE AMAZING, and I can’t wait to show all of you the ridiculous finds once I finish working on them and post them for sale! We were driving along in my mom’s little convertible Bug and I saw some chairs sitting outside this tiny shop and literally SCREAMED and practically caused an accident. Gotta love finding antiques stores in the middle of nowhere where they have no idea what the real value of their goods are once you add a bit of elbow grease! :)
Anywhoo, I’m all fired up now about starting a new little furniture rehab business on the side, so keep your eyes peeled for some totally amazing stuff! In the meantime, if anybody is going to Brimfield, here is a great map with the listings of all the vendors by section!

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