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Other than Pinterest, my other favorite time vacuum is to look for real estate.  Growing up taking “drives” with my Dad, which served the sole purpose and house gawking, I learned to appreciate architecture.  We always hoped we end up at Dairy Queen or the mall, but as an adult I’m sure glad we didn’t. I really enjoy torturing myself by looking at homes in far flung locations, way out of my price range or fixer uppers that would doubtless result in a divorce or stay in a mental hospital.  One of my favorite sources for house stalking is Antique Homes Magazine’s website. It’s chock full of only antique homes (my favorite) in the north east. It’s really like my version of Playgirl- instead of drooling over six packs I drool over molding and stone walls and outbuildings. Each to her own….

Whether a large farmhouse or tiny school house….

Or in the city like this town home in Providence, RI… are you SEEING those cabinets????

and that mural wallpaper??? And that kitchen??? FRICK. FRICK. FRICK.

Adore this little shingle cottage with that pale green door and fab interior woodwork!

And this much LARGER shingled home by the sea…

This brick beauty in Salem, MA has one of the most exquisite entrances….look at those windows!

And how about the living room? I like to imagine all the woodwork painted white, despite the horror it might inflict on historians.

Hi fireplace. I want to sit by you.

If I had an extra 9 mill I’d plunk it down on this stone house. Those beams alone are with it (and the 65 acres and horse barn it come with. I could finally get a miniature PONY!)

Note: Brimfield was great- tons of fabulous things, the most fabulous being taken by the peeps from J.Crew, Tommy Hilfiger and the like. But HOLY OVERPRICED. No one was dealing, which happens when you go the second da of the first show of the season. We got some pictures but the vendors are soooooo not welcoming towards shutterbugs for fear we’ll “take the images and have reproductions made in china”. Hmmmm, last I checked, you don’t own the rights over antiques by just owning them…. I digress.

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