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The Jennifer Siegal Portable Home, above.

I found this site, The Value of Architecture, from a flyer I took while in L.A. about a prefab mobile (but not like a “double-wide-with-a- redwood- deck” kind of mobile) home designed by Jennifer Siegal. They actually call it a portable home, thankyouverymuch. It has tons of green features and looks quite luxurious. So you simply find a plot of land for a little vacation retreat and they deliver this already built modern home ($249,000) right to the site! It comes complete with Boffi kitchen and bath, european fixtures, an iPort sound system and translucent polycarbonate panels.

But while perusing this site I realized it was a total gold mine for real estate and architecture buffs with a penchant for mid-century style homes! You’ll simply DIE over the array of styles (and prices) on here. I spent a good hour yesterday looking through every single page of every single city! Enjoy!


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