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I am just now getting to the folded down pages of my Jan/Feb Elle Decor— life has been very busy for me with clients, this blog, other writing, etc. So pardon my lag! While I was trying to find the artist Isabel Bigelow, as mentioned in the issue, I started looking through the entire Sears-Peyton Gallery website and found so many great pieces of art that I had to do a post.
First off Isabel Bigelow- her ethereal positive/negative space paintings seem to just float.
Next I found Julie Hinckley. I love her simple, colorful panels- they remind me of fabric swatches.

Julie Evans uses such rich colors and patterns in so many layers.

Michael Abrams does landscapes that appear through a thick fog- so peaceful. I adore them.

K Mansour’s mixed media paintings are delicate and graceful- and appear to be much older than they are.

There are so many more I could post about, but I just don’t have the time this morning! So look through the site and when in NYC stop by the gallery- I certainly plan to!

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