Artist Crush: Holly Farrell


I came across the artist Holly Farrell while searching local galleries for art for a client project.  I instantly fell in love with her realistic paintings of feminine objects starkly set against solid or wallpapered backgrounds- Barbies and Kens, chairs, cleaning tools, cook books and shoes.

I want one. No make that two. Oh hell, I’ll take ’em all….

2006, Shoes





2007 Floral Armchair

Ice Cream Chair

2009 Couch

Cookbooks Chase

2008 Gardening Books

2006, BroomApronlr


Apothecary Bottles Chase

Ties rgb

The Barbie portraits remind me of my obsession with them when I was little. I think I had about 40 of them. Barbie dated men other than Ken in my house including the father from the Heart Family (scandaous) and Michael Jackson (very Lisa Marie Presley) with his glittery little glove. Lady got around.

Vacation Portrait

Wedding Portrait

Ken & Barbie Tennis

This Barbie portrait reminds me of Joan from Mad Men- which, by the way, rocked my world sideways last night! Don Draper, you are one messed up fella.


I’d love to see this in a beach house powder room!


Perfect for a kitchen installation!


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