Au Revoir!!!

Tonight I leave for PARIS! I am in a kind of travelers denial and don’t really believe I’m going there (i.e. I have yet to pack) but I bet once I’m on the plane I will be overwhelmed with excitement. Although many people lauded renting an apartment for our trip, we decided to stay in a centrally located hotel with a reputable concierge service since we are new to the city and might need some help. However, when we go back for a second visit (because I am 99% sure I’ll want to) I will be renting an apartment from the gorgeous selection available through Haven in Paris. Just look at these amazing places- what a spectacular way to experience Parisian life!

I have Marni from Style Carrot guest blogging on Friday to keep you somewhat busy, but hope you’ll tune back in on Tuesday morning for what will be the first of several Paris posts I’m sure! My camera battery is charging as I type and I hope to give you a great tour of Paris through my eyes!

Au revoir, dear readers!

My perfect Parisian bedroom- the herringbone floors, the amazing trim work and the simple decor.

All images from Haven in Paris.

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