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Although for me it doesn’t matter- I can work from anywhere. But one thing I am glad to have is a fireplace to work by. Even if it is a kinda crappy gas version. I’ve never owned a home without some sort of fireplace and I really can’t imagine I ever will.  I am such a freak about “ambiance” (ask anyone who has ever been out to dinner with me- the food could be stellar, but if the place has no spirit, soul or interesting design it just doesn’t taste as good to me).  My super dream home will have a fireplace in nearly every room- living room, kitchen, dining room, master bed AND master bath! So here are some fireplace inspirations that get all hot and bothered (hardy har har- I’m so clever). Traditional, modern, indoors or out I do not discriminate when it comes to fireplaces.

And what am I reading by my little fire? Just the best new young adult trilogy.  I like to read highbrow literature and then immediately after rot my brain with teen supernatural dramas. This one is like Twilight + Mad Max + Lost + Lord of the Flies. I am engrossed.


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