Back from Brimfield


I (Marni from StyleCarrot – Erin’s still in Paris), did a whirlwind tour of Brimfield yesterday. Oddly, I didn’t buy a thing. Not that I was on the lookout for anything in particular, but nothing caught my eye. I came across a lot of the same vendors (and in some cases, the same items) that I discovered when I went the first time back in May. I would have picked up some more stray antlers, but alas, those I did not find. Here’s an array of what I saw. You can check out today’s post on my blog for more pictures, or this post for specific vendors if you’re planning a visit.

Scandinavian style: raw muslin covered furniture.

Glass handles aplenty.

Hunks of wood. Tres trendy.

Carousel horse.
Burlap sack chic.

Empire era for kids.

Loose type speaks out.

Would be perfect framed in a nursery.

A huge statement piece.

Such rich colors on these vintage advertising prints.

Bamboo bed.

A sorta scary skull.

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