Back from hiatus….


Feeling fresh and inspired after a long weekend in Los Angeles. An interesting city with almost dizzying shopping possibilities…but I prefer my little Boston. In the summer that is, ask me again in February and I may have a different answer.
Anyways, before my trip I made it down to the South End, home of all things fabulous design-wise, and after much searching found Devi Home, a new housewares shop on Washington Street. Andrew in tow, we made our way through the amazingly unique bedding choices (think Dwell linens blended with fabulous saris), absolutely delicious furniture at reasonable prices and a very helpful staff. I fell in love with a few peices that may just make it into my new home come fall. Absolutely worth the trip to the ever improving Washington Street. Stop by the South End Buttery for a cupcake while you’re at it.

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