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I hope you all had a magnificent holiday! It’s so hard to come back to real life- even the pseudo real life that exists between Xmas and New Years.  I have a few things to do, but not a lot so it’s a nice week to putter and do some shopping at the post-holiday sales!

As for my holiday- it was great, despite the fact that I was pretty darn sick for most of our visit to North Carolina.  A brutal cold sidelined me, from which I am just now feeling better. I have to admit, I feel like I kind of half-assed Christmas this year. I only got half my cards out, did not decorate beyond a tree and really did not get into the merriment and festivity of the season.  I like to call it “My Hot Mess Christmas”. There’s a lot on my plate right now plus the economy took a toll and I let that totally get the best of me this year. So here I am, proclaiming that next year I will rock out Christmas- bake goodies, get cards out on time, shop early and have a party. Mark my words, readers!

Santa did bring me a MacBook Pro so I can blog from everywhere now, which is really exciting. I also got some other great things on my list- Child perfume, a cobalt blue Nano, my black Converse All Stars and lots of other goodies. The one gift I am up in the air about was the hand held video camera Andrew got me. He bought it so I could video blog for you guys, but I’m not sure that’s something that applies here. Thoughts???

A snapshot of our Xmas in CT…

View at sunrise+gifting excess (Oliver looks overwhelmed):


The table is set + hand-knit stockings from our childhood:


Cookies + flowers


Post dinner begging + mom’s new McKenzie Childs teapot (it rocks)


The most used gift: the ping pong tabletop for the pool table my brother bought the family. These two were doing their best to mimic Forest Gump.


I was busy admiring my new kicks.


And the view.

DSC_0069I am now off to the gym to work off some of that overindulgence I participated in so happily. If you feel the same and need a little bounce in your step on the treadmill, here’s my cardio mix which might help with the motivation!

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