Bali Beauties: Katherine Rally Textiles



I won’t lie- I LOVE Facebook. On of the many reasons for that is that I have become introduced to fabulous, interesting people all the time that I never would have met otherwise.  I also become privy to cool products and companies that probably would have gone undiscovered by me for months had they not contacted me. One of those is Katherine Rally Textiles, a company founded by husband and wife team Katherine and Rally Dupps. And their story is just as intriguing as their beautiful batik fabrics and pillows.  The architect and interior designer met in 2002 and decided that the best way to test their compatibility would be to take a backpacking trek through South East Asia together. Having come out the other side of that adventure in love (instead of ready to strangle each other as many lesser couples would have) they decided that 6 weeks in India was a more appropriate symbol of their commitment than a diamond ring.  Naturally their travels have continued, including relocating their family to the blissful island of Bali when the American economy took a nosedive (hello Eat, Pray, Love!). They started their textile company to celebrate their love of travel and design and as I imagine, are loving their new life!

I adore the prints and colors and the way they layer together so beautifully!  You can purchase pillows for $95 for an 18″ square pillow cover or $105 for a 24″ pillow cover- you can also buy the fabric by the yard!





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